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Software developed by LQTC group and coworkers.

All the programs are free for academic use and under GPL.

To download the software first fill the Registration Form to get the password and then click in the link below.

Available Programs:

NucDataPlot (65Kb): Shell script program to batch processing PDB files or trajectory files from molecular dynamics in order to get relevant structural data (e.g. twist, roll and tilt) for the analysis of DNA.

protH iconprotH_1.0 (140Kb): Program to add missing H atoms to peptides chains and proteins according to the specified pH of the environment.
PolyGUI (Mb):

PolyUtilitiy box (Kb):


Prohibida la reproducción del material de este sitio sin el previo consentimiento del Lab. de Química Teórica y Computacional
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